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Jun 21, 2016

Grieving for Orlando - Irenicast Episode #068 - Conversations on Faith and Culture - An Irenicon Podcast

Grieving for Orlando in the aftermath of the shooting at the Pulse night club Jeff & Mona discuss the tragedy with guest host, Bentley. Bentley is a chaplain at UCSF Medical in the Bay Area, and has worked for many years as a pediatrics chaplain. He is also originally from Orlando and provides profound context to the origins of the Pulse night club. Through grappling with their own feelings and thoughts, the three touch on a wide range of topics around the shooting, including tragedy and grief, homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, violence, toxic masculinity, the challenges of being an ally, power, and voice. Instead of having a group segment at the end of the show, Mona reads the names of the victims to honor and commemorate their lives.


Former Voice Contestant Christina Grimmie Shot Dead at Concert (Article)

Divers Find Body of Toddler Snatched by Alligator at Disney Resort (Article)

Sacred Geography: A Queer Latino Theological Response to Orlando by Vincent Cervantes (Blog Post)

Troubled. Quiet. Macho. Angry. The Volatile Life of the Orlando Shooter (Article)


In Honor of Our Dead: Latinx, Queer, Trans, Muslim, Black — We Will Be Free (Black Lives Matter Statement on Orlando Shooting)

James Anthony Noel (Prophet, Pastor, Professor, and Painter)

Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki (Theologian and Author)

Serenity Prayer

Genderqueer People of Faith – Interview with Nathan – 012 (Irenicast Episode)


Thank you to Bentley for joining us this week.


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