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Jun 28, 2016

Internalized Homophobia, Othering and Loving Your Enemies - Irenicast Episode #069 - Conversations on Faith and Culture - An Irenicon

In a follow-up episode on the Orlando attack, Mona interviews her friend Rafael who is an LGBTQ Latino. Rafael shares about about the impact of this shooting from a multifaceted cultural perspective, and offers some personal insights on the events and what it means to work across difference. They discuss internalized homophobia, faith, othering, and what brings them hope for overcoming hate in trying and fearful times.



“Who You Call When You Ain’t Got No Other Hope? A Sermon on Orlando, the Garasene Demoniac, and God’s Mercy”  (Sermon by Nadia Bolz Weber)


René Girard and Mimetic Theory (Article)


Orlando shooting survivor harassed by online conspiracy kooks as a ‘crisis actor’ in a staged event (Article)


Stonewall Riots (Wikipedia Article)


ACT UP (Advocacy group for people suffering from HIV/AIDS)


Pinkwashing (Wikipedia Article)



Thank you to Rafael for joining us this week.


Thank you to Mike Golin for our intro and outro music.  Check out his band Soulwise.



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